Updates from Joanie Dark

Hoo boy, your friendly neighborhood author hasn’t been being productive enough for you kids! I’m dreadfully sorry for that; life had sapped most of my creativity and productivity from me. It’s pretty terrible, to be honest.

BUT! I have some updates on timelines for projects!

  • Spiders in the Basement, my web serial, is going to be relaunching June 30th!
  • Three erotica collections will be launching their first installments on Amazon July 15th!
    • Needle Teeth, various LGBTQIA monstergirls and their partners
    • Sacrilege, various stories with central Catholic themes
    • Their Reptilian Majesty, stories about a demigoddex, sex magic, and worship in the modern day
  • Updates on upcoming novel plans!
  • Updates on upcoming zine plans!
  • Updates on transformative fiction!
  • Commissions, as always, are open!

I look forward to sharing my work with you! Gonna be some exciting stuff!