I know, I know…I haven’t been writing in a while! I have no excuse for delays! But in all fairness, I’ve been pretty ill for the past week, have had a lot of bad hands dealt me in my personal life, and I’ve been out of town lately, so there’s been a few issues.

Despite this, Spiders in the Basement is still set for relaunch on June 30th. I actually got a good deal of interest in the series from several established authors this weekend, so I’m extra excited to start bringing it out for all of you!

My erotica collections, however, are being delayed; Needle Teeth and Sacrilege may be starting in early August, and Their Reptilian Majesty is being put on the back burner for personal reasons. This will give me more time to make sure that the series look good for all of y’all! It also gives me some time to see about entering a few anthology submission calls I’ve seen lately, haha.

Also: I’m thinking of moving my domain name from Tumblr to my new WordPress site, so keep in mind that that move may happen soon! I’ll still keep the tumblr around for a while after the move, likely.

I’m excited to go on this writing journey with all of y’all, and I hope to see you round!