Quick Update

So, just to check in with you beautiful people! I am indeed actually writing again. Amazing!

  • I’m currently working on a sci-fi short story that might wind up developing into an ongoing series with a lovely little human/AI lesbian couple, but we’ll see where it goes after I pitch the story around.
  • I have a non-fiction pitch I’m developing about mixed orientation relationships that I’m therapy-writing, and will hopefully be able to sell somewhere y’all can read for free.
  • I’m also working a bit on plotting out where I’m going with Spiders, since has been on hiatus far too long.
  • Finally, I am finalizing my list of stories for Needle Teeth, which I’m going to start working on immediately after I finish my all-ages short!

I am also up to writing commissions right now, and I’m likely going to put up a couple of sales to drum up business after I finish my current Number 1 Priority.


In addition to my writing, I recently reopened my Etsy shop! It has a listing for my writing commissions which I’d appreciate people using if they’re willing to leave me a review. However, it’s mostly going to be used at the moment for my witchcraft-related ventures, and I currently have listings for a 3-card general spread, a 12-card relationship spread, and I currently have up a special deal for first-time readings! Eventually I’ll have up various homemade witchcraft supplies, other reading types, spells…and of course, when I have some books out, I’ll be selling autographed copies!

Hello readers!

For those who don’t know, I’ve had a busy summer of travel, emotional strain, and debilitating issues with both my physical and mental health. As a result, I’ve let down myself and my fans quite a bit with my goals for the summer.

However, I have some exciting news! Outside of the writing world, I just got accepted into trade school for a profession I’m very positive about and looking forward to. Now, school doesn’t start until January, so in the meantime I’m looking for part time work, and I’m going to write more, too.

This is, of course, a bit of an issue when I’m still experiencing chronic pain and foggy thoughts on a regular basis. Despite this, I’m going to struggle through in order to be a successful person. I believe in the ability to get through! Keep an eye out for my future publications.