Quick Update

So, just to check in with you beautiful people! I am indeed actually writing again. Amazing!

  • I’m currently working on a sci-fi short story that might wind up developing into an ongoing series with a lovely little human/AI lesbian couple, but we’ll see where it goes after I pitch the story around.
  • I have a non-fiction pitch I’m developing about mixed orientation relationships that I’m therapy-writing, and will hopefully be able to sell somewhere y’all can read for free.
  • I’m also working a bit on plotting out where I’m going with Spiders, since has been on hiatus far too long.
  • Finally, I am finalizing my list of stories for Needle Teeth, which I’m going to start working on immediately after I finish my all-ages short!

I am also up to writing commissions right now, and I’m likely going to put up a couple of sales to drum up business after I finish my current Number 1 Priority.


In addition to my writing, I recently reopened my Etsy shop! It has a listing for my writing commissions which I’d appreciate people using if they’re willing to leave me a review. However, it’s mostly going to be used at the moment for my witchcraft-related ventures, and I currently have listings for a 3-card general spread, a 12-card relationship spread, and I currently have up a special deal for first-time readings! Eventually I’ll have up various homemade witchcraft supplies, other reading types, spells…and of course, when I have some books out, I’ll be selling autographed copies!

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