The The Adventure Zone Lady Zone

No, that’s not a typing mistake up there…#TAZLadyWeek is an event going on online this week for the series that is currently ruling my waking hours. The Adventure Zone is an excellent Dungeons and Dragons podcast with fantastic female characters (who are all honestly more competent than the actual PCs). My own little contribution is just a little collection of 500-1000 word ficlets I’m putting together when I can get a few minutes every day this week.

Check out the first entry in The Women of Balance on my AO3 right now!

The full prompt lineup:

Monday 2/13: Favorite female character / The Oculus
Tuesday 2/14: Favorite romantic relationship between women / The Gaia Sash
Wednesday 2/15: Favorite platonic relationship between women / The Philosopher’s Stone
Thursday 2/16: Canon divergence – what would you do differently? / The Temporal Chalice
Friday 2/17: Angst / The Animus Bell
Saturday 2/18: Fluff / The Phoenix Fire Gauntlet
Sunday 2/19: Finale/Free Space / The Final Relic

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