Joanie Dark does freelance writing work at a rate of $0.01/word for a minimum word count of 500, increased by 50 word increments. For example:

1000 words = $10

1050 words = $10.50

1100 words when 1000 was agreed upon = $10

1075 words = $11 (would have to order 1100 words)

Mx. Dark is happy to write original fiction, transformative fiction, and certain non-fiction subjects. Feel free to send an email about if xe is comfortable with xyr knowledge base to write for any subject matter, fiction or non.

For the piece itself, xe’ll work off as much or as little information and requests as you want to give xem. Give xem a direct script to work off, send xem a picture of your character and say “go hog wild,” whatever your choice. Xe is willing to work on adult material, and has a list of kinks xe is willing to work with.

Mx. Dark reserves the right to publish any work xe writes in any form xe wishes, including public posting and resale. Commissioners reserve the right to be credited as the commissioner or remain anonymous, and names can be changed for the privacy of the commissioner.

Please send all inquiries to


$10 off 2k+ Femslash

50% off original erotica with Catholic themes
Additional $15 off for 7k-11k commissions
(up to $70 in savings)